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Ashley, Founder/President

Hi! I am Ashley the Founder and President of Houston’s Lift Off. Our non-profit is committed to fundraising, organizing and giving back to all of you in honor of my son Houston; who ultimately lost his battle to prematurity at 4 1/2 months in the NICU. 


Jamie, Vice President

Hi, I am Jamie. I am mother of two and godmother to five. I am a licensed social worker and work full time at a psychiatrist hospital. I am a board member of this amazing nonprofit, in memory of my godson Houston but also it is my passion to help others. As a social worker I am very familiar with lack of resources for a number of things, this is our way of assisting where we can but also knowing the struggles these families face while their little one spends time in the NICU. I couldn't be more excited for you all to witness the growth with our organization. 


Destiny, Research Coordinator

i’m Destiny& i’m 25 years old. I am so grateful to be a part of an amazing organization that has given back to hundreds of families. My twin brother and I were born at 28 weeks so being a preemie myself I was in the NiCU for 2 1/2 months. My parents were so thankful for the Nicu doctors/ nurses who took care of us and were very good to us.. in a way , I feel like being a part of Houston’s Lift Off I am helping give back and supporting families alongside some amazing ladies and I can’t wait for all the good to come!


Christina, Secretary 

I joined the Houston's Lift Off board because I believe in the mission of giving back to the families with children in NICU. The cause is dear to me because my grandson gained his wings in January of 2016 after being born prematurely and spending the few months he had with us in the NICU. The nurses and staff were wonderful with him and helpful to our family as well. From personal experience, we saw firsthand the affect physically, mentally and financially it takes to have a little one in the NICU. Support is not only appreciated but needed and this is why I along with the board want to be apart of such an important cause and make a difference. 


Cassi, Social Director 

Hi, my name is Cassi, I joined Houston’s Lift Off because when my daughter’s father passed away, I had an army helping my daughter and I. Since then I have been paying it forward to other families and the community! I love making  the baby blankets and stuffed animals for all the new bundles of joy! I’m so blessed to be apart of this group and helping other families so they are less stressed.


Emily, Media Promoter

Hello! I am Emily Smith. My husband and I had our first child in June of 2021. After going through four and a half years of infertility treatments, we had the opportunity to adopt two donated embryos. We transferred one of the embryos in December of 2020. By spring, we found out we were having a baby girl. However, our little miracle didn't want her story to end there. We got to meet our daughter 11 weeks before her due date. I went into preterm labor and had preeclampsia. We ended up being in Aultman's NICU for sixty-three days. While in the NICU, we receive one of the donation baskets from Houston's Lift Off. It was a great surprise and we were thankful for the generous gift. I immediately reached out to Houston's Lift Off to see how I could help and be a part of such a wonderful organization in honor of baby Houston. 

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